Commit to Bring It

The Problem

New York City throws out more than half a million tons of plastic each year, less than half of which is recycled. Most of this plastic waste ends up in our landfills, our waterways, and our food system.

If you add that all together, the plastic we throw in the trash weighs as much as 11,730 subway cars. Yikes.

The Solution and Impact

When you bring your reusable bag or bottle wherever you go, you’re helping NYC cut down on single-use plastic waste. Those actions add up.

For example, if you carry a reusable water bottle, you can keep 167 plastic bottles out of the trash every year. Now imagine if all 8.6 million New Yorkers started to Bring It!

And local leaders Bring It, too. From New York’s statewide plastic bag ban that went into effect in March 2020 to NYC’s Zero Waste goal by 2030, they’re working to make our city cleaner, greener, and healthier.

Take the Pledge

Take the pledge to Bring It and join the movement to help NYC clean up its act.