GreeNYC is a program from the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability dedicated to educating, engaging and mobilizing New Yorkers to help New York City meet its ambitious sustainability goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

GreeNYC helps New Yorkers understand the complex challenges of climate change and empowers them to take actions for their community and the planet. From individual actions to participatory governance, this is a program that supports New Yorkers in creating systemic change and asks them to use their voice to influence how New York City government delivers sustainability to all communities.

NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability

The New York City Mayor’s Office of Sustainability is a team of architects, data scientists, engineers, policy advisors, and city planners working to create a city where the air is clean, the streets are green and where our 8.5 million residents produce zero waste and zero carbon.

Guided by the OneNYC plan, 80×50 report, and Executive Order 26, the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability works to minimize NYC’s contributions to climate change from the waste, transportation, energy, and building sectors. By tackling the challenges posed by climate change with innovation, creativity, and inclusivity, we are improving the quality of life for all New Yorkers and protecting our planet at the same time.