Our Programs

Our commitment to a livable planet is one that we make for the 8.6 million people who call New York City home and for our future generations. That’s why our team is working tirelessly to end the city’s reliance on fossil fuels, achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, and electrify our five boroughs with 100 percent clean electricity sources. 

Here are some of the ways we are working toward these goals. We know we can’t do this work alone. If you have ideas on how we can build a sustainable future together, we are here to listen.

Converging Crises

This summer, our city battled two converging emergencies: the Covid-19 virus that took the lives of 23,743 New Yorkers and extreme heat, the deadliest weather event in America. Black and brown people, people with low income, people with disabilities, and older adults, who are adversely affected by extreme heat, were the same people disproportionately impacted by Covid-19. 

Our team took these challenges head-on by distributing over 70,000 air conditioners to older New Yorkers in need and secured utility discounts for 450,000 low-income households to protect them from severe heat waves and economic insecurity due to Covid-19.

Here are some available resources to support New Yorkers through Covid-19 with food, employment, health insurance, housing and more.